In which position your dog sleeps, each one has a meaning.

3- Lying on one side

When your dog is lying down on one side it is usually short naps or very short duration, if you are much longer it may be because it is an older dog. Mostly these dogs that usually adopt this posture have a strong bond with their family.

4- Face up with the legs well extended

In this position the dog extends its hind legs and not only keeps them upwards as in the first one. This position is usually maintained when it is very hot and you want to regulate its temperature. Sometimes this position is also kept as a warning so that they don’t bother him when he hears some noise or something and he wants to continue sleeping.

5- With the belly down

These dogs usually have suffered some mistreatment or have been adopted from the street, they try to protect their front part because there is their most sensitive part (neck and reproductive parts) from any attack. They learn this because they have suffered abuse from a person or from stray dogs, in fights for food or places.

6 -Screw

In this posture, a dog may have two main factors; one may be shyness after being scolded or something like that, or even when he arrives at a new home, and the other factor may be cold; when the dog feels too much cold, this posture helps him to keep his body temperature high.

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