In which position your dog sleeps, each one has a meaning.

Although we have a dog at home sometimes it is difficult to understand what they want or what they feel or manifest, for that reason we will show you in the following article some ways to understand some body signals that our best friend gives us.

1- Paws up

When your dog sleeps with his belly up and his legs slightly raised, it means that your dog feels protected where he is now, they know that this is a vulnerable position but that they are in a place where there is someone who will protect them from any danger.

2- The squashed

This posture is usually given in very playful dogs that usually have a lot of activity and usually lie down like that, besides they are very hyperactive because they can be asleep and when they hear the least noise they get up immediately, that is why the position is also given, because it is a position of alert and quick reaction.

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