How to open a can with your hands

Normally no one thinks something will happen to you or you will find yourself in an emergency, but they usually happen more than we think that’s why we will teach you how to open a can without using any tool for it.

In case of an emergency

When you ask people about first aid techniques very few of them know or know anything about the subject, one should always know how to react to an emergency and what to do before it happens, this may save your life.

A trick that can save your life

During the storms in the United States and even floods many people were asked how they managed to survive, more than 80% answered that except their lives thanks to canned food, this is where this trick can make a big difference.

First Step

You need to take the can on the top side, how do you know what the top side is? Simple, it will be the side that has the outline startled, our mission will be to scrape this side on a smooth surface until it is even and nothing sticks out.

Step Two

After the top is even we must grab with both hands and on both sides the can to press hard. After this the lid will come out effortlessly.

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